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I smell a Daewoo…

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  1. Vince: I read, on detroit news( auto talk forums, on Monday-Tuesday thsi past week, GM fans who said(I did not see the story)… that ”GM is not building ANY of the 3 microcars people voted on!”I do not (cant find) the exact article they were griping about, where , supposedly, GM Execs said the voting surprised them(interest in the microcars), but it was more of an exercise (in PR?) to gauge reactions(rather than to build th emost popular model?).This is all I could find, sort of…1/2 way down, GM has doubts about selling these things, but then it says by 2010?(Hint: Gas prices are high now!)If I find the article the Big 3 fans were loudly mad at GM(supposedly not building any one of these)…I’ll post it.I don’t care, since I dont like cars the size of a toy!too many large suvs, road ragers, you name it,in USA, for me to feel safe in these(and Daewoos? Suzuki is getting away form thsoe for USA… like the Verona is gonna be built..whatevr new name will be next year, by Suzuki, not GM-DAT_

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