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Ready to see a lot of Chryslers???
Including the new Minivans and the Sebring convertible?

Well… There you go.

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  1. Nice commercials. Interesting that the 300 is in every ad…maybe because it’s one of the few good styles in recent memory.

  2. Only chrysler I like is the PT, and it is going away, or if the name is kept, ANOTHER SUV-thing(roll eyes).
    First, they dump the Neon, for the Caliber(yeah, that makes total sense, in bizzaro world!), now they want to dump the (on avg) 125,000+ units sold per year PT for something that will most likely sell LESS vehicles( note: the Caliber sells less units than the 7-8 year old PT, for example) than the car it’s replacing.

    Chrysler is horrible these days. 300 is ok, if you don’t live in areas where you can get 3-4 feet of snow per year!

    Where’s Chrysler’s” Lancer”(Avenger doesn’t cut it)?

    Where’s their compact car?
    Where’s any form of hybrid?
    Even Ford and Chevy have something(may not be much, but something is better than nothing?).

    Chevy has Cobalt and Aveo,
    Ford Focus…and Chrylser’s small car, when gas is Record High Prices !?
    Is it still in China,from Chery, about 18 months away, or more?

    No wonder they are behind Toyota, Ford and GM!
    They keep it up, they’ll be behind Hyundai and Kia, too!

    These commercials make me violently ill, shows their lack of anything, showing an OLD design(300 has been around awhile now, over 3 years? In this day and age, that is nearly time for a complete rework!).
    Only reason Chrysler sells is due to workers getting a deal,and retirees, and a few 300 and PT buyers. Who buys the Sebring, rental fleets?
    Heard a story on detnews (iirc) said nealry 50% of all Chryslers end up as fleet sales(NO WONDER, look at the junk ouside of 1 or 2 modle,s and trucks they have…).

  3. Well just hope quality keeps up with the styling. Chrysler does have one of the better designs out there but quality … my sister just has her 2002 T&C minivan’s transmission rebuilt at 41k miles at the cost of $3900.00. Yike!

  4. Who is the artist playing throughout the commercial? I can’t figure out what it is to save my life.

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