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That’s a pretty gutsy move:
Showing up at the factory with a cell phone, taking 4 small movies of a car that isn’t out yet…
I am not sure I would have what it takes to do it.

But wait…It looks like nobody was stopping whoever was filming this.
What gives?
Is Renault in on this???

We get these thanks to “L’Auto Journal”.

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  1. The Mondeo really has NOTHING at all to worry about, this really is ugly. Gotta say I’m dissapointed with Renault on this one! They’ll still sell lots of them to French politicians and diplomats though… just like the Vel Satis, Pug 607 and Citroen C6. Although to be fair the C6 is actually a very good car.

  2. That one of those, “who cares if you copy” cars, don’t even both with camouflage (spelling?). That is one boring looking vehicle.

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