New Laguna wagon

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Nice but nothing spectacular, right?

Lots of people already seem disapointed by the new Renault.
We’ll see more with official shots next week.

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  1. BLACKLASER… Just metal, for boring people, no soul, nobody remember the brand, if you don’t love it or hate it. maybe a good car for 80’s. what they have in mind the designers?

  2. Fine wine, gorgeous french poontang women, sexy cities, the french have it all, and this car is no exception. Vive la France, what a car, especially because we all know it has great Nissan quality behind it! Box one up Jauques!

  3. Not my cup of tea, it doesn’t speak unique, the front end looks like a citroen c6. i’ve seen the rear view of the car at another website, pretty dissappointing. certainly nothing for ford and opel to worry about. i think the current model actually looks a bit a classier than this one. we’ll see from the official pictures

  4. The new Laguna doesn’t look that bad. I’m just disappointed because Renault’s designer, Patrick LeQuément, has said for years how much he’s working on the new Laguna, how georgous it would be and what a milestone it would represent in his own history of designed cars. Now we see an overworked Laguna with some trendy details and with a front end similar to the Renault 19. Nothing really new. It looks nice, but it’s certainly no revelation.

  5. Yeah…. great reliability…. that would be why the Clio MK2, (which is still in production as the clio campus) has a design flaw where the hood can pop up at speeds of like 70+. Renault have refused to do anything about it and it has been a massive scandal over here.

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