New Renault Laguna

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Not sure if this is real or not.
But it does match what we’ve seen before, right???

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  1. I’m dissapointed. This looks like a refresh. Seriously-is this an entirely new car? Nice tail lights though.

  2. that looks like an altima with a hatchback rear end, i can imagine how it looks as a whole it has to look rediculous

  3. Where has all the french funkyness gone? This is mediocre – at least from the outside. The interiour is much nicer. But hey: Do you buy a car just because of its inner values unless it is a Toyota? Nope – unless it looks much prettier on the streets this might be the third non-seller in Renaults line-up (besides the Vel Satis and the Modus).

    To be honest – I would prefern the upcoming Opel Vectra over this one. Never thought I would say something like this. And – the expectations on how the upcoming Citroen C5 will look are rising more and more…

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