New small Alfa Romeo

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Everybody is trying to guess what the next small Alfa will look like.
Here are some of the latest ideas.

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  1. For a moment, I thought this was the next generation Suzuki Reno, until I saw the grille!
    I know these Alfa’s aren’t your’ everyman’s” car( pricewise).
    So, I wonder if something this small might be attainable by “joe or judy punch-clock”(is it at least low 20’s?).
    What is it, subcompact, compact, somewhere in between?
    C’Mon Vince!
    Any clues for us?
    If this is at least Reno-sized, and around 20-22K, I would put off my next car purchase until I had a chance to check one out.
    ( read on the net, Late 2009, 2010…for Alfa’s to hit USA).
    Then again, if the Scion FUSE(fwd or rwd) hits usa by 08…I could live with that, instead.

  2. BLACKLASER Padwin. backlight, the same like the new lancer? who coming first? the egg or the chicken? who make the design first? I think alfa.

  3. BLACKLASER Padwin. I check both cars and not just the taillight in the new lancer evo coming from the white alfa in the top. I check the wheels some lines and even the back light reflectors looks almost the same in the new lancer and the white alfa you post here in the top. weird………

  4. it’s going to be closer to the middle one. round rear lights and the front end will be more like the 8c than the current brera inspired line up.

    these infos come from concept testing

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