New Toyota Land Cruiser

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I thought Toyota wasn’t going to sell this in the US anymore.
Leaving just the similar Lexus version.
But who knows, really…

And who cares…
This is just another illustraion anyway.

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  1. Well, it doesn’t look BAD… I might be tempted to buy one if I actually had a use for a vehicle that gets less than 15 mpg…

    Maybe if gas falls below a buck again (and monkeys fly out my butt)…

  2. Interesting how thw the car company that seems to care so much about Mother Earth sees fit to introduce a high-profit, gas-gulping SUV. And an ugly heap at that. Why did Toyota even bother with the new Land Cruiser. It looks as dull as the current Land Cruiser. Yaaaaaaaaaaawn.

  3. The side looks dangerously similar to the hideous Jeep Compass, and the front end is too decorated.

    I rate it a 5/10

  4. wow, this is unbelievable, gorgeous, sweet , beautiful, advanced…….at least that’s what people said in 1972 when this look first appeared. Toyota, the recall kings are so cocky that they even think they can put out ugly cars and they will still sell to us, the sheep!. I thinks this clearly shows, it’s the begining of the end for the japanese GM.

  5. padma lakshmi says that this is contra to world peace and a sustainable planet, bad bad toyota, shame on them

  6. Notice it’s green in color. Toyota thinks they are fooling us that they care about the environment. just like Bill Ford, a couple of years ago. Mr. Big environmentalist, that puts out beastly trucks that rape our environment. Toyota is no different, if anything at all, they are worse. they sell more and pollute more.

  7. business IS business, if there wasn’t a demand for such a type of vehicle, im sure they wouldn’t be continued in the first place, where there is demand, there is supply, typically, but anyhow,
    your still lookin good TOYOTA!

  8. shik shik, this is no yoga masters vehicle. it’s understyled, overpriced and most of all taxes the world’s resources. I say shik shik shame on this company toyota

  9. Ignorant, shemeless people of the world unite. These people hide behind sayings like “business is business”. an easy way to explain nothing. it’s when your god is money that you talk like that. These companies, especially toyota, (the most cash rich company on the planet) can save the environment IF they choose. Toyota has chosen not to! If you can lay your head down at night and fell good supporting toyota, then it’s too late for you my friend!

  10. -> TO Clinton Nu mastay

    Guess its only good “business” to respond back, well, first and foremost, I support people/companies who are go-getters, they go out there and do what they want, you my friend CLINTON NU, and some of you out there, aren’t helping much either by complaining about the corporate powers that be, if you feel that strongly about your beliefs, form your own empire positivity, more specifically,in this case, TOYOTA, at least if they’re making V8’s, its more fuel efficient and better for the environment, any how, this is a forum for motovehicles, not a earthday movement, keep it up TOY! I love my GS HYBRID!

  11. Is the new Landbruiser based on the Tundra platform? If so, I wonder if it’s going to inherit the Tundra’s cheap, hard interior plastics and thinly pasdded seats.

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