Next Audi A4???

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A few months ago, illustrations of the next A4 all looked like a smaller A6.
Now that the A5 came out, the newer guesses all look like 4 door A5s…

I guess they might all be right.
Audi isn’t really known for taking any chances.
As long as they put a V6 standard in the US, it’ll be much better than the current one….

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  1. I think you’re the only person on Earth, Vince, that dislikes the 2.0T. Its been called on the best engines today. I hope they keep it, and increase horsepower a bit, hopefully lower curb weight, and make the DSG/S-Tronic available, along with the new 60/40 split Quattro.

  2. I also read that the engine will no longer be “in front of the wheels” to improve the balance, mespecially in the RS4.

  3. As always, gorgeous designs. If they could fix their reliability issues, they would rule. Until then, I love seeing other people buying them….

  4. i don’t get the wavy line on the side.

    i’m going to miss the stright fender/side-lines from current A4.

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