Next Opel Vectra

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Still an illustration (exterior).
And we might get this, or close to it, as the next Saturn Aura.
But I guess we’ll have to wait a bit. The Aura is still new over here and I don’t see GM redesigning their models after just 2 years…

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  1. the AURA isn’t getting a MCE.

    when epsilon 2 rolls out in 2010, the AURA and Malibu will be all new. the current AURA is just going to have a short 3 yr lifespan.

  2. Well, Actually it does look like another car, The awardwinning Opel GTC 2007. No Nissan, no Altima, just a four-door edition of the Opel GTC

  3. “the pictures are already out… here is it”Actually, those pictures are photoshopped. It was stated on another website that the camo was photoshopped out of some Vectra spy shots to give an idea what the car will look like. At this point no official photos have been released. Insofar as GM using the Acura TL as their “icon”, not only does the new Vectra looks nothing like the TL, it looks better.

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