Next RWD Tiburon interior

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Actually not so new looking.
But hey, it’ll get a V8, right?

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  1. Looks at least one generation out-of-date, except for the steering wheel that was clearly copied from the Honda Civic.

  2. This is rather disappointing, and yes I agree, the steering looks like the euro Civic’s, though I like this one better.

    Hyundai’s interior needs to catch up with their exterior. The area around the shifter is just awful.

  3. No shame in stealing from the japanese and americans, if you don’t make it painfully obvious that the interior was made with cheap hard plastics on a shoddy injection molding process like they do.

    Honestly, shame on Honda, Toyota, GM and Ford.. The seconds one’s hand strays from the top of the dash, you’d think you were fondling a cheap tonka toy. Atleast Hyundai seems to sand the rough edges down.

  4. ummmm, ok, you high IQ’ers, apparently, there seems to be some camo of the interior, foresics probably aren’t part of your occupation, note: some black masking material around the dash and center console… sheesh

    although not really what I would drive, G37 all the way, but good job on getting this pic VB

  5. BLACKLASER shame… in stealing. that was mercedes benz said, when they copy this little thing in the center console(i control is the name?). all the people here who talk bad things about the tiburon maybe finish buying products in walmart for its next SHARK… TIBRON…

  6. I will wager money that the interior of the final thing will look and feel much better than what’s in this spyshot. Have you guys gone to a Hyundai dealership lately? The interior designs rival anything by the Japanese and use nice colours (black, not boring gray). Everything’s really well put together. The materials are really nice too. Better texture and feel than what we have in our 2007 Camry XLE. People really aren’t giving Hyundai enough credit. I would buy one in a heartbeat…especially with that warranty and the (still) relatively low prices.

  7. BLACKLASER…yes, this is just a test car. not for display in an autoshow right now. think, mc fly, think, and the rest of the world.

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