Nissan Rogue Video

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I think it looks better than the early pictures I’ve seen before…

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  1. It look pretty good in person. Although I’s like to see in other colors. I’m not keen on the one that they pushed around to the auto shows.

  2. Nice vehicle except for what must be very restricted visibility to the rear. Along those lines, go here’s some good advice:


    It may surprise you to learn that there is a better way to set the rear-view mirrors on your car. The quick test: if you look in your side mirrors and you see the side of the car, then you’ve got it wrong! This is the method recommended at most driving schools, including the BMW Performance Center in South Carolina. Essentially, most people have a huge overlap between the side and center rear-view mirrors, which is unnecessary. By spreading your side mirrors you lose no information about what’s behind you, but gain valuable insight into what’s beside you.

    NOTE: adjusting your mirrors in the European Union Vehicle Code like this is against the law, see your own country’s or State’s Vehicle Code for more information.


    1. Lean your head over until it almost touches the driver’s window, and then position the side mirror on the car’s left side so you can just see the rear quarter panel (the rear of the car) in the mirror. Note this will have it positioned farther out than you probably had it before.

    2. Lean your head to be just between the two front seats, at your normal height, and position the right side mirror so you can just see the rear quarter panel of the passenger side in the mirror.

    3. Adjust the center rearview mirror to place it facing the center of the rear window.

    4.While driving note that a car passing you begins in the center of your rear-view mirror. As it approaches you, it moves to the side of your center rear view mirror, and at the same time appears in your side mirror. This shows you that there is no rear blind spot, because there is an overlap between the mirrors.

    5. Also note that your side mirrors now capture a tremendous additional amount of information about what is in the lanes immediately next to your car. Previously you would have to turn your head to ensure nothing was in the lanes beside your car before changing lanes. Now, your side mirrors do a much better job of covering this blind spot on the side.


    Give it at least a week after setting your mirrors this way. It will seem foreign at first but soon will become second nature.

    Note that parallel parking becomes more difficult since you cannot see both your car and what’s next to it in your side mirrors without moving your head.

    Constantly scanning your mirrors instead of just checking them when you want to change lanes or pass someone will help to prevent someone from “sneaking” up on you. Pairing this mirror setting method with constant scanning will allow you to be aware of those around you at all times.

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