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Not sure what else to say.
it sure doesn’t look like it was designed in the 21st Century…

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  1. You stretch your worries too far. These things are brought by desperate housewives in America and barons and dictators in the rest of the world. Therefore, style is the least of their worries.

  2. To my knowledge, the Land Cruiser is the only Toyota vehicle which is NOT designed by Toyota itself but by its subsidary Hino, which usually produces heavy trucks. This one defenitly looks like 1995…

  3. Hey this pig is nasty, old style, poor toyota quality reputation, not very green image, what’s goin’ on toyota? hey did y’all hear that the all-new 2007 tundra engines are recalled already !!!!, yes 20 camshafts have already snapped and this is while toyota is trying very hard to improve their badly tarnished rep. of lots of recalls, they are falling FAST!!!!

  4. With the F.J. Cruiser and the upcoming Sequoia and LX 570, I no longer see the point in this anymore. I expect lackluster sales for the Land Cruiser.

    Toyota should’ve rebadged the F.J. Crusier as the Land Cruiser…the F.J. sure mimics the Land Cruisers of old.

  5. This just in, the engine that this non-green toyota is using in this beast is already recalled. That’s right folks, the almighty 5.7 litre toyota engine is breaking it’s vcamshafts. In a report, toyota generously offers to change the whole engine, thanks and I guess so!

  6. This Vehicle will do fine. Those interested in this type of vehicle will love its Evolutionary style.

    None of it’s competitors have Revolutionary style so why should
    Toyota have to re-invent the wheel.

  7. Toyota needs to pull their design/production back to Japan. All the problems popping up in America is ruining their global reputation.

    Hope the new Land Cruiser will be built in Japan….And why not since little Americans are affraid of SUVs.

  8. This thing looks like my Braun electric razor. Well, at least they have their quality to fall back on… uh, wait. No they don’t. Well, they do have all the mindless lemmings that just will continue to buy Toyotas.

  9. Um…The supplier of the breaking camshafts is an American company. Maybe now Toyota is understanding why American manufacturing is moving offshore.

  10. “Um…The supplier of the breaking camshafts is an American company. Maybe now Toyota is understanding why American manufacturing is moving offshore.”

    It has yet to be determined if the problem is with the parts supplier, but even so, it’s Toyota’s responsibility to make sure the final product works properly. Toyota can (and will) try to spin this any way they want in order to absolve themselves of any blame. Remember their explanations of their sludge problem and faulty seatbelt latches?

  11. Who are you? i love this guy who is talking about” toyota spinning the camshaft blame” and “the sludge problems” this is the first guy who knows what he is talking about! Cheers to you and jeers to toyota!

  12. This “American made” 5.7 L engine on the Tundra is failing, like the rest of this redneck society. The End

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