Peugeot in the US!

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Well.. Not really.
I spotted this little convertible in Pacific Palicades earlier today. An older model.
From the plates, it looks like it came from Europe. I guess a French tourist who couldn’t bare the idea of a rental car …

Another thing I spotted in the same area: $3.99 for a gallon of super!

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  1. $3.99 (US)? That war in Iraq has really paid for itself with petrol revenues hasn’t it. Pity none of that petrol seems to be being pumped from Iraq.

  2. IT’s a PEUGEOT 306 CABRIOLET année 2000 /2003 puisque Fin de commercialisation début 2003.
    Replacing IS the PEUGEOT 307 CC exit in fin 2003 and the restyling in 2005 it is very nice ,concurante of the RENAULT MEGANE CC .
    THE MOTOR ARE 1.6e 16v 110 ch ,2.0e 16v 141 ch ,2.0e 180ch and in diesel 2,0 HDI 16v 136ch FAP
    The price is of 24 000 à 32 000 euro.

    the site is PEUGEOT.FR

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