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It looks nice. But by next year, it’ll just be OK….

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  1. “It looks nice. But by next year, it’ll just be OK…”

    Unlike the new Accord, which doesn’t even look OK now, and we haven’t even seen the actual car.

  2. If they keep the loaded V8 version in the mid 30s it will sell. Besides I read that they want to production to Canada after a relatively short run by Holden, and then the car will receive a refresh at that time.

  3. “Just in time for $4.00 a gallon gas. Great work.”

    Maybe $4.00 a gallon gas will mean less people on the road, and more room to enjoy cars like the G8. Weehee!

  4. i couldn’t figure out what it was… am i crazy or does this remind anyone else of an Acura TL?

  5. Real nice car. I’d love to have one, although I probably won’t get one. BUT with gas prices as high as they are and with gas mileage requirements possibly changing…well…this is the wrong car at the wrong time. They need to make it lighter and more efficient. Could it be that Lincoln was on to something afterall with its turbo v6 it was going to put in the new sport sedan? I read somewhere on the internet a little while ago that a lighter version of the Commodore is in the works. I hope so.


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