Renault Laguna 3

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These pictures look like they are from an upcoming brochure for the new Renault sedan.
What do I think?
-They make the new Mondeo interior look like crap.
-The Opel Vectra is now 100% obsolete.

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  1. Vince, the laguna has never been available as a sedan, it’s a hatchback or an estate/wagon. If it’s anything like the current laguna, it’ll be crap to be honest.

  2. If you were smart enough you would go to the euro sites and look in more detail The mondeo interior is actually much better looking than this interior.

  3. So you post some close-ups of professional photgraphs from the Laguna’s brochure and proclaim the Mondeo’s interior looks like crap (based on what, the bad photo of the Mondeo interior you posted earlier?) and the Vectra is now 100% obsolete. Have you actually sat in any of these cars? Have you ever driven any of these cars? Ah yes, objective reporting at it’s best.

  4. I usually agree with your oppinions Vince–but this time I think your being pre-mature. These photos are not enough to make such judgements. Maybe there are more images that you are not sharing?

  5. Was that door handle inspired by an old wooden handled sand wedge, a sickle, or maybe a hockey stick? Regardless, it is unique and a striking combination of metal and wood (or the look of metal and wood).

  6. Kinda tough to tell how the interior looks when our noses are pressed up against the dash. Looks good though. Renault quality is typically far far below that of Ford’s.

  7. Vince, you are right, this interior is first class, what do you expect from Nissan/Infiniti’s brother!

  8. “Renault quality is typically far far below that of Ford’s.” ?!?!?!?

    What, are you insane or sth? This is a typical myth of believed by so many idiots. I’ve seen so, so many fords’ interiors fall appart, unlike any Renault! And you call this interior boring? You are definatelly not sane!

  9. people, this car is cool!every part of the car is made perfect..i just don’t want to comment.. 🙂

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