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Hyundai will build their next coupe on a shorter version of the RWD Genesis luxury car platform.
It will use the same engines as the sedan.
Which means a V8!

I am not sure why Hyundai would want to go after the Mustang/Camaro crowd. I guess if they do, they need similar engines.
But without the history and nostalgia associated with the US muscle cars, it might be tough.

Good luck with that one…

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  1. i don’t think it’s the american muscle cars that hyundai is after. i think it’s going after BMW and the likes, with its euro sexy lines and front engine rear drive configuration, hyundai want’s to make this thing into an upscale PERFORMER not just a contender.

  2. I don’t really care what they do, as long as they bring us that Veloster, 220HP I-4 turboed, but same size as today’s Tiburon.
    Similar MSRP would not hurt, neither!

  3. The 350Z comes to mind a lot more than the Mustang/Camaro. Just because it has a V8 doesn’t mean it’s a muscle car.

  4. Think supra in the 70-s

    it was a Toyota Cressida with a sport car body

    or was the Cressida a supra with 4 doors

  5. If it’s a decent V8, 5 (or 6) speed manual transmission is offered, and has decent handling at a Hyundai price & warranty, I will seriously consider it a few years down the road when it is time to trade in the Mazda 3.

    Mustang and Camaro look great, but I know first hand that the current Mustang’s handling characteristics leave much to be desired, and I am doubtful that the next generation will be much better. They just aren’t made to be good handling vehicles, that’s not what they are about.

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