Santa Fe Vanilla White

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Just one of these “special editions” for the German market.
But it does look pretty good.
Usually these are just a bunch of decals with ugly wheels.

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  1. I was going to mock the plastic skid plates. But since all the japanese brands are doing it, why not the Koreans? I will say that these wheels are about the lamest “upgraded” shoes I’ve ever seen. This is a nothing SUV.

  2. This vehicle is very nice for the segement it competes. The Santa Fe sales are very good and above expectations.

    I have driven this vehicle and it is a much better performer than the Rav-4.


  3. We just bought a limited Santa Fe. It rides smooth and handles great. The sales manager told us Hyundai is coming out next year with a new division that will compete against import luxury cars- we didnt ask, but I would assume Lexus and or Infinti. Vince, have you heard or posted anything about this?

  4. That’s an idea they had years ago.
    But it seem s they aren’ going to.

    Thsi would be very expensive. And their reputation isn’t as good as Toyota was when they started lexus.

    I don’t think it would be a good idea.’I know a lot of people who still to this day would not buy a Hyundai.

    but really. Who knows….

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