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Paris Hilton’s next car.
She might be out of jail when this comes out.

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  1. Wow…that car is HOT POOPIES! I would have liked to see a retractable hard top, but the soft top will do juuuuussst fine. As for Paris Hilton…eehh…did I mention the car was awesome?


  2. Looks great as a convert ! and Paris deserves all she gets ! hell im poor and when i go out clubbing i take a taxi, if i had money id hire a town car service, and if i were mega rich i would have a one of a kind strech limo and bodyguard/driver, but for some reason Paris thinks she can go out and party all nite and drive her nice rides home…..

  3. Wow, I can’t believe they kept the gullwing doors. They must be really light or else that windshield frame is really strong.

    They look kind of funny on a convertable. Although I always thought the SLR was garish and tastless anyway (which makes it a good match for Hitlon). I’d take a less powerful DB9 or Gallardo or it anyday.

  4. BLACKLASER padwin. If Paris continue with trouble with the law, the next Paris Hilton’s car could be a hot wheels slr. she can afford one for me too, jaaaaaaa.

  5. BLACKLASER padwin.I want to see a Paris Hilton clone like a factory option for the m. benz slr. what you think vince?

  6. If ya’ll would flash your pantyless crotch at the Paparazzi, you could afford this gorgeous beast. Working for a living gets you nowhere.

    Paris Hilton

  7. Visually this car seems “tacked” together. I look at the very busy front end and it immediately overwhelms the fairly elegant (sedate) sides and rear. Merc will sell every one that they make, but this does not a legend make.

  8. This is one of the ugliest cars ever built. Sure, it’s awesome to drive, but dear god it’s hideous to look at.

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