Toyota FSC/Solara successor?

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Just another shot of this upcoming Toyota wagon/crossover/thingy.
This will not really “replace” the Solara.
But Toyota has said they don’t see a future for the coupe market in the US.
So they are coming up with another Camry based model instead.
I guess it’ll look even more like a car than the Highlander.

Another pic of the FSC concept from a couple of years ago.

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  1. Vince, This looks like a ‘mini’ minivan similar to the Mazda 5 and the new Kia Rondo. Honda was one of the originals with their first generation Odyssey, even though Nissan had the Stanza Wagon way back in 1986 and its’ replacement the Access in 1990. I guess Toyota feels they need a piece of the action no matter how small it may be!

  2. just out by Desrosiers automotive for April results. Toyota Down 1.2% while Mazda is up 27% and Nissan is up 33%. in Canada. I guess people are starting to see the light. Toyota recall history is starting to affect their sales.

  3. Toyota has always had a 7-seater “mini-minivan” in Asian/Euro markets that is larger than the Matrix and competes with the Asian-market Odyssey, Mazda Premacy/5, Citroen C4 Picasso and the like.. it is called the Corolla Verso, and judging by the prototype’s Corolla wheels and Corolla-like quarter forewindows in front of the doors, I would suspect this is the new Verso.

  4. I have to say that I am starting to see a trend. Automotive manufacturers are taking the SUV off of truck platforms (aka crossovers) and now doing the same thing to the minivan. Fewer platforms producing more variants should equal higher profits. I just wonder if the difference between the sedan, cross-over, and this bigger MPV will be solely in how well it is marketed.

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