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  • is an amazing article about recently discovered Studebaker prototypes.
    It is always amazing to see what car makers have worked on. The stuff that never made it to production for one reason or another.
    A real treasure.

    I would love to see more, form other brands. Like the stuff AMC was developing with Renault, or what Oldsmobile was going to come up with…

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    1. I have been a subscriber to Hemming’s “Special Interest Autos”, how called “Hemming’s Classic Cars” since it started about 1970. Over the years they have covered the Might Have Been cars of many makes. Lots of ex-industry people have been contributors to this great magazine.

    2. Talking about Renault and AMC, here’s what could have been their van, based on the MkI Espace (mirrors on the second picture have inspired the MkII):-From 1984 to 2002 (MkI to MkIII), Espaces were co-developed by Renault and Matra. It became a full Renault product since 2002 when the current generation was launched.

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