2008 Mustang V6

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New interior color combo, Ambient light, wheels…

That’ll do until the 2009 make over. I guess….

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  1. Anything that Ford can do to improve the interior is a good thing. My suggestion… redesign the speaker grilles in the doors. While they’re at it, Ford should update the rear-end design of the exterior. I’ve never liked the frumpy rear design of an otherwise beautiful exterior. LED tail-lamps perhaps, just to bring it into the 21st century maybe. And 86 the antenae mast too. That’s all.

  2. I actually saw a V6 coupe in the DC area about 2 weeks ago and it had dual exhausts which looked factory. This pic confirms it must have been an ’08. I always thought EVERY Mustang should have dual pipes. It will be interesting to see how the GT’s differ…maybe twin-pipe duals?

  3. Did they do anything to the GT. Otherwise, other than it saying GT on the side and seeing the v8 under the hood, how would you tell the difference. It’s a real nice looking v6 though. I like the dash myself but yeah lose the antenna mast.


  4. I want to like this car and its good, clean styling, but it has somewhat of a guido (northern) or redneck (southern) image. Kind of like TransAms and Camaros.

  5. The photo above is of a GT. Looks like the new Candy Apple Red. I still have not seen a V6 with factory dual exhaust.

  6. You are right. The red car does look like a GT.
    But it is officially labeled as “2008 Mustang V6″…
    Not sure what the story is…

  7. BLACKLASER…If the mustang now have dual exhaust, it going to look like a gt,..Maybe now reads v6, and not gt, to make the difference, you now power versus weakness.

  8. It also looks like the tail lamps have more separation inbetween the 3 vertical elements. Perhaps a silver or chrome definition?

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