2008 Saab 9.3 Convertible

Last Updated:

-2.8 Liter “Black Turbo” with 300hp
-6 Speed manual or 6 speed auto

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  1. Torque steer + Body flex = No thanks, ill save for a 335i.

    As one motor mag once said, “Saab convetible’s are looser than a white house intern..”

  2. BLACKLASER… They no need to keep the same design forever to be a true saab, better design not necessary destroy the company’s image, maybe raise. I now is more easy to identify the brand, but is not good idea to see clones form the very first model, and is boring if you see the same all the time.

  3. This thing is going to be a rocket. 290hp may only sound competitive, you need to look at the torque curve. Full boost and torque below 2000 rpm. The current 250hp is already fast. With AWD it can get all that power to the ground even faster. Great handling and driving cars and great fuel econmony to boot.

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