2008 Toyota Land Cruiser

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Cruising around.
This one even has some tacky decals on it.
So you know it’s close to production…

Back the the future. I mean the early 80’s….

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  1. Just another SUV to irritate the people whos ovaries did not fall far enough and try to dictate to others what they need like some bitter old school marm.

  2. That’s the problem with auto mags and similar media: Car manufacturer’s get alot of praise.

    Then these manufacturer’s read this and get cocky about themselves and their products.

    So now, Toyota believes it will just ride its wave of praise to the bank, believing that US buyers will buy any piece of crap it makes, regardless of how it looks or its reliability, because it thinks Americans just love Toyota so much.

    US car makers had the same problem, and look what happened.

    Toyota is just setting themselves up to fail, and eventually, fall from grace.

    Create something revolutionary because you should, and not just create something evolutionary (or in this case regressive) just because you feel like it!

  3. proof that the idiots at toyota have lost touch with reality, like most of it’s dealers. this looks 100% like the new highlander which looks 100% like the old highlader. here is what they are thinking…..it’s a toyota, build it and the dumb dumb sheep will buy it, despite our millions of cars recalled. don’t continue to be a fool, there are other japanese companies that still have their act together…like nissan, honda…mazda!

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