2009 Hyundai Sonata

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I am not sure what they will do to the front end. And rear lights.

But from these pictures, it looks like it will get what it really needed from the begining: a much better (and all new) interior.
The current Sonata is a very nice looking family car. But I think the interior doesn’t fit at all the clean exterior design.

All you need to know (and see)

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    1. These styling changes come none too soon for the Sonata. I agree with Vince regarding the well crafted exterior of the current Sonata but low end looking interior.

      This redo should give Sonata the look and creds to go head to head with some domestics like the upcoming ’08 Malibu and Saturn Aura. However, it may also finally be on par with the No 1. Camry and upcoming re-designed Accord.

      The revised interior as well as exterior changes should keep Sonata competitive in the market landscape that it competes. Perhaps this will stop the skidding Sonata sales.


    2. The Hyundai Sonata is a fantastic vehicle! I’ve had mine for a year now and I absoluately love it. The 3.3L V-6 is very powerful and I got tons of features for the price. I can’t wait to see what changes they’ve made on it, although it does make me regret that I didn’t buy a couple years later.

    3. A Lot Better Interior!
      Sales: I have had TWO Sonatas.
      One was a 1999 GLS V6(their top model in 99, had leather, sun/moonroof, everything except ABS)…got it for under 18,000(21K car, MSRP).It lasted to 119,000+ miles… but had many issues…
      We got a 2004 GLS V6 Sonata( due to our 01 Tibby’s tranny was ready to drop at 103,000… not too many people will deal with you when you have 2+ years of payments, and a near-death tranny in your car, but Hyundai did… we did not want another Hyundai, but had no real choice).
      Anyhow, the 04 is decent. Got 28+ MPG on a trip or two(all hwy)… 170HP is enough for 0-60 of around 8.7 seconds, maybe 9 seconds, tops.
      Only issues were last Summer, getting 2 window motors replaced, and window gaskets, fro rear windows. Other than this, 42K + miles, and it’s decent, still( interior cloth, or “mouse fur”, is wearing thing on door handles, though).
      Price paid(before adding tjhe extra few grand left on tibby payments?), 14,995!
      Major Sale(Place had 5 years in business, plus Hyundai had some cash back to customer deals).
      21K+ MSRP…cloth seats, though.
      (prices go up, content lowered, or what you got for the price you paid..the 99 was pretty much same model as 04… except the engine…same platform, iirc..until /through 05 model).

      Now? LOL…. I dunno. Sales are down, because Prices are up, and content ain’t what it used to be(electronics are “cheap” to add, leather is not, for example).
      Some said it was due to less Sonatas going to fleet rentals, and lack of I-4’s, when gas went over 3 dollars per gallon.
      Now they have I-4s, but prices for these 4 cylinders is on par of what I paid less than 3 years ago for a V6 model.
      People go to Hyundai for “a deal”, still( I know a few prior generation Elantra/Sonata buyers, go to Hyundai today and suffer mild sticker shock! This ain’t just a story I am making up either).
      If you catch a sale, you might get a GLS V6 for 20K now… but that is sure a long ways from 14,999.
      Sure, the cars “have more”, or supposedly, are “nicer”, but around 5K nicer than my 04?
      This is sale price vs sale price.
      20K vs 14,995.

      Price matters to many previous Hyundai owners.
      And resale is still not good, unless you wait until near paid off…then you might get some $$$$ for trade-in.
      I like Hyundai, but…
      Price… Price….Price.
      PS: I rather like the fact on Thanksgiving 2004, at the local gas station, I had a guy ask me” How do you like your Infinity”?
      I told him it was a Hyundai, showed him car, and he liked it, he said.
      Now, No One will mistake this for an “Infinity” of any kind( due to the dull front end).
      I would rather own a faux near luxury car(looks) than a knock-off Cam-Cord!
      I want my cars to look unique, not dull .

    4. I considered buying a Sonata but, yeah, The interior was not up to the competition. This Sonata will be interesting to compare with the new Accord. If it gets a Veracruz-like interior, it will be worthwhile.

    5. The interior does appear to look much better. I can’t wait to see that. I just hope they did’nt make the front of it look more like the Elantra. Although the Elantra looks ok, it would make the Sonata look more like an economy car. Please make the car more fuel efficient. Also…why is the hood up on the side of the road? It did’nt break down did it?


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