2009 Lincoln MKZ rear end

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Looking really nice.
Fits the new front. But they both make the profile look a bit old and tall.

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  1. Love this. The current MKZ is very nice, but it was not nearly as nice as the Zephyr concept. This is more in-line with the concept.

  2. I was never crazy about the lincoln variant, but, the dash in the car was particularly strange. So vertical that it appeared really retro in a bad way.

  3. With AWD only and coach style doors, this car could help give Lincoln a real boost.

    Ford wasted money and time with the original almost plain looking styling and FWD 3.0 V6, which is too close to the Fusion/Milan.
    Then Ford wasted more money and time renaming the car from Zephyr to MKZ and relaunching the ad campaign to reintroduce the car.

    This look, unique coach style reverse opening rear doors, plus the AWD 3.5 V6 powertrain would have made MKZ even more different than the Fusion/Milan; and likely a better seller as well.

    The sad thing is it wouldn’t have cost much more money to have these features and styling from the beginning.

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