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Just like the Fusion, it looks like the small Lincoln will get a new front end within a couple of years.
This looks very nice. Seems like they are using the front from last year’s concept on all their upcoming cars.

But is it too late? Who actually consider a Lincoln anymore?
It’s not a bad car. Far from it. But I don’t think most people even think about Lincoln when they’re comparing a Lexus ES…

They need something striking. Something people have to have. Despite it being a Lincoln.
Others have done it. Tons of people who bought a PT Cruiser would have never been caught dead in a Chrysler before.

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  1. There have been lots of down and out brands that have made comebacks, people have short memories. Acura was on its way out, the the TL was a hit and it flew from there. Infiniti was a has been brand, then the had a couple hits. Not to mention the once anemic Cadillac. Lincoln will be fine if they hit with GOOD products.

  2. I too had read that the twin-grille from their concept would become the new signature front-end. Seems they consider it a heritage look from the old Zephyr’s from the 30’s and 40’s. Good move, HOWEVER you’re dead-on Vince with the observation that Lincoln needs something totally breakout do distance themselves from the Ford/Mercury bodies and to make the luxo-buyer actually consider them over the Lexus et al. They show some HOT concept cars but when their homogenized by their “bean-counters” and “no-zeal-for-cars” management they reach the market boring as hell. One thing that’s just really shocking and inexcuseable is to bring a Lincoln to market with a V6! Save the mizerly engines for the Fords and Mercury’s. Dammit- when I get rich someday I want the most powerful car I can afford, not one that looks like it’s cheaper cousin and has the same wimpy engine…no matter how beautiful it may be. Caddy’s got hot again ONLY when they put HOT engines in and brought breakout styling back. Look and Learn Lincoln or die soon for sure.

  3. Now Lincoln is copying the front end design of Oldsmobile???? Ring the death bell, I smell a funeral in the making…

  4. So your question is, who would consider a Lincoln? Lots of people. Five years ago, Lincoln was the top selling luxury brand. The Towncar wasn’t as much of a dinosaur, the LS had tons of potential and was the COTY, their full sized SUVs were the best looking. My how times, they change. But I certainly wouldn’t say that it’s a totally lost cause. Look at Caddy… they sold crap for decades. And now the CTS-V is mentioned in the same breath as the S4 and M3. The current Sclade is truly an aspirational vehicle everywhere on the planet, whether it’s sold there or not. It’s the product that developes the image, not hype. Actually, who honestly can say that the Lexus ES is a legitimate luxury car? No one. The MKZ is actually very very good and better than the ES. Regardless, Lincoln does need to step it up with their full range of vehicles.

  5. Not a bad looking front end, if it’s true. Thats the same website that released pics of the new Fusion. Well I guess time will tell. I wonder what other changes are in store for the Fusion/Milan/MK?


  6. Ford needs this now to compete with the new CTS. Definitely a huge improvement over the current front end offered now. It looks more luxurious…

  7. Better late than never.

    This is a significant improvement over the original design. It flows much better than the current car. It only saddens me that Ford has dumpped so much money revising this car over and over again. They should have waited and introduced the car with the awd and larger engine along with this facia from the start, even if it meant holding off the introduction 12 to 18 months. I’d like to see the interior cleaned up as well.

  8. Cole said…
    Ford needs this now to compete with the new CTS
    Aint gonna happen, a mazda 6 in drag fwd and small v-6 cant compete with the rear wheel drive, awesome v-6 and v-8 CTS ?
    No more bong hits for you !

  9. “Who actually consider a Lincoln anymore?”

    A lot, judging by the umber of MKZs I see driving around. If the illustration is accurate, the new front end makes the MKZ even better looking.

  10. With AWD only and coach type doors, this car could help give Lincoln a real boost.

    Ford wasted money and time with the original almost plain looking styling and FWD 3.0 V6 which is too close to the Fusion/Milan.
    Then Ford wasted more money and time renaming the car from Zephry to MKZ and relaunching the ad campaign

    This look, unique coach style reverse opening rear doors, plus the AWD 3.5 V6 powertrain would have made MKZ even more different than the Fusion/Milan; and likely a better seller as well.

    The sad thing is it wouldn’t have cost much more money to have these features and styling from the beginning.

  11. I think I’m a little confused to what some people’s impressions of the MKZ are. The current MKZ does offer optional AWD and has a 265HP 3.5L V6 standard which is more power than the standard engine on many other cars in its class.

    What dissapoints me now, is since i saw this new front end, the current one just looks bland to me.. :-

  12. This site has always been a big foreign car love-fest, but it’s getting out of hand. The current Fusion/Milan/MKZ are great cars. They look nice, come with available AWD and now the better 3.5LV6 is making its way into the line. Maybe what they should do for the ’09 update is put a big Toyota badge on the grille, Vince… then it would be right up your alley! 🙂

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