2009 Mercury Milan

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I can’t see that much difference there.
And it’s OK.
I think the Milan is one of the best looking sedan around as it is…

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  1. The front, THE FRONT, I wanna see the front! At least it does’nt look worse from this angle. I’m with you Vince…I think the Milan is the nicest looking of the trio.


  2. Agreed Vince…And the spokesbabe as well.

    It just needs the Ford 3.6 liter engine and some better interior materials.

  3. Nice yawner and nothing more. This won’t save Ford.

    The upcoming ’08 Accord will make this thing look like yesterday’s leftover lunch.

  4. WOW.. a refresh already? It really doesn’t look that different — but sadly, it confirms that the new Mondeo won’t make it here as the 2009 Milan 🙁

  5. And again an impression based on nothing. Well.. they did used the previous Ford Mondeo hatchback for it..Greetz Matt from The Netherlands

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