And now, the “coupe”

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At least the 3 door model of the all new Peugeot 308.
Again, a very modern looking car, but nothing new.

It still looks like a spaceship compared to what we get over here… Like the 2008 Focus coupe, or the Cobalt.

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  1. vince i dont understand when u say nothing now but modern….why dont you tell us hows these so called new cars u talk about should look like…

  2. so you’re saying fire extinguisher is now optional with their modern cars?

    It used to be mandatory 🙂

    505 405 .. brings back memory

  3. So is the 308 attractive because it’s “a very modern looking car”, or not because it’s “nothing new”?

  4. It’s undoubtedly a very modern looking car, but it’s nothing new because it’s just the latest iteration of a styling theme Peugeot embarked upon with the 206 back in 1998.

    They could and should have been a bit more daring with the design of the 308. It seems Europe’s car designers have lost all of their creativity over the past several years.

  5. Looks like a wide mouth bass. Not terribly good looking, would take the Euro focus any day over this thing.

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