BMW 1 coupe

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Just a few more pictures, with black tape.

I see wood inside. But I also see what looks like an iDrive system….

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  1. Looks a lot more like black tape in that top picture, but, still, how or what is it really disguising? Nothing unless BMW has got some secret weapon up its sleeve contained in the 1-inch area around the headlights.

    Aw, BMW is just trying to fool stupid, no-nothings like me.

  2. Price is crucial. I’d think this would need to undercut the 3 series quite a bit to sell. I see it starting $28-30K, especially if they’re only bringing with a V6, which is too high. Now if they put a nice 4 banger turbo in it and started around $24K we start talking.

  3. iDrive is still an option, so you don’t *have* to get it. That being said, you’d think that BMW would drop something that has been consistently put down by customers and the automotive press since the day it appeared. I wonder how many sales BMW has lost because of iDrive and Bangle styling????????? Apparently, “BMW Knows Best”, and the rest of us should shut up and get in line to buy one.
    THAT beng said, I’m seriously considering a 1 series coupe. There are no compact, fast, great-handling, RWD cars to choose from. If you compare the price of the 130-135 to a Boxter or 350SLK, it comes out looking better, and it should be at the same performance level.

  4. BMW offers the iDrive only on a few of its 3 series as a high-end option so I’m assuming most of the 1s will not get it. These pictures look like the top of the line model with the revised m-style bumpers and larger rims. If they only offer inline 6 engines, I would be surprised if this car starts under 26-27k.

  5. Vince,

    What we need is a picture of the rear, undisguised. It’s pretty clear what the front is all about.

    Also, let’s keep it on the cheap side of the low 20’s, please.

  6. I would wish the price to be $ 21,000, but it is a Bimmer, so my guess is $ 23,999 with no options.
    I also think a 4 inline would be better, but again it is a BMW for N. America and they want us to think they are high end and snobby.

  7. By the time you option it out it will be as expensive as an Infinti G37, and I think the G37 looks better.

  8. Only a “douchebag” (not douchbag… sheeeeeesh) would compare a BMW coupe of any size with a Cobalt. I told you not to be stupid, you moron.

  9. Are you surprised by the price estimates or by the fact that people would be willing to pay that much for it? I think the price is a good guess, considering that the “least expensive” model in the BMW lineup right now (328i) starts at $32k. Whether it would be worth $24k is entirely subjective, though. Some would say the Cobalt isn’t worth $14k. To each his own.

  10. How envious I am of you at the US.
    You say a thing like this could start at the likes of 28k usd, when here in Argentina we barely get a BMW 1 135 hatchback for no less than 50k usd!

    Wouldn’t any of you be kind enough to send me one of these through Fedex once it is out? 😀

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