BMW 135i Coupe

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This might be real.. Or not…
I don’t know.

Just another picure of the upcoming small BMW coupe.
In Europe at least, they will be coming in November. The 135 i model will use the Turbo 3.0 Liter from the 3 series. With 306hp.
That should be one fast little coupe.
Europeans will also get a 2.0 Liter Diesel with 204hp in the 123 d model.

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  1. That thing will be pretty darn fast. And the fact that the 3 litre twin turbo is way underrated for what it can make with just a chip modification. This lightweight and more “pure” BMW coupe with an easily attainable 360hp will make this thing fly off the showrooms.

  2. Pretty sure that is real as I saw the same shot on BMW’s UK site.. I like it and think it will do pretty well, price dependent

  3. I love it. Perfect, but I am scared to know the price for this little baby. I am on my knees praying that it will be $ 21.000, But I feel for some sad reason more like $ 25k. : (=
    I guess I will need 2 jobs, thanks Bimmer.

  4. It looks really small. I mean, it looks smaller than a Corolla and Civic. But with 300+ hp, can we call this a Sti killer?

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