Chinese car Brilliance crash test

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I don’t know about you, but I kind of liked the BS6 sedan from Brilliance.
One of the few Chinese cars already sold in some European countries.
Which also means, they are subjects to European crash test.
And here it is. The horrible results….

Basically, I would be cought dead (I guess I would) in this car at 40 mph. Which is the speed of this test.

Here is the BS6.
A good looking car, when it’s not moving…

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  1. this is the 2nd car to fail miserable in the head on crash… the 1st was a landwind, a rebadged opel/GM frontera…

    the chinese seem to put no effort into crash survival!!!!

    i wouldn’t be caught dead in a chinese car until they get their act together!!!

    drive an euro or US car while in china and don’t buy one over here!!!!

  2. My god, what is the structure made from, rolled up aluminum foil? Seriously even a Daewoo Leganza(bad bad at 40mph) looks like a volvo designed tank in the 40mph offset crash in comparison to this disaster.

  3. Holy Crappin’ Crap! That thing is a death trap! No way would I buy one of these Chinese cars. Those manufacturers have A LOT more work to do. I have a feeling that safety is’nt the only thing that needs work.


  4. Why would anyone be surprised that this thing failed so miserably? At $10k a clip these things are death wagons on wheels!

    Remember these things are coming to the U.S. soon. I don’t know about anyone but I’d rather play Russian roulette before I drove any of these coffins.


  5. Visited China 3 years ago and was very impressed–it’s growing fast and its people are industrious. I’d recommend a China tour for anyone.

    Also live just a few blocks from San Francisco’s Chinatown and eat Chinese food regularly (but not always there).

    I have Chinese friends and have the highest regard for them and their culture.

    Now, with my sincere favorable comments stated, let me just say that bringing the fragile piece of crap like the crumpled car pictured will kill the Chinese auto industry in the U.S. before it starts.

    I think the Chinese are far too smart to develop a reputation for bringing death traps into the U.S.
    If they do, it would be uncharacteristically stupid.

  6. the comunists a re doing thios on purpose

    they couldn’t wiin the clod war so thewy are sending us death traps where good american citizens will loose their life

    anyone who buys ont of these is a traitor and a moron!!!!!!

  7. Why you people arways say bad bout chinee cars huh?

    China car very safe for famiry, this car very safe for communist happy famiry..why you not know that?

  8. To the author of the article/site, the silver car you posted is not the BS6, its the BS4

    The BS4 is built on a BMW chasis

  9. I don’t know if it looks less hideous after the test than before. It looks like a Chris Bangle design for a Rover.

    On a more serious note, if it has no rigidity for crashes, makes me wonder how much body flex the car exhibits in corners. I bet it makes a Toyota Solara look like a Lotus in the corners. This car is a joke that has gone all wrong.

  10. Actually I’m suprised by the design of the car. pretty good.

    well so usually shocks are taken by the front and where passengers and driver are sitting should not change it’s form right?

    I guess people need to give them some time.

    If I was to make a car and sell, I’ll atleast make something that pass the minimal criteria. Why would they want to make themselves so infamous at the start?

  11. Those silly plastic A pillars, lol and i agree i always liked the look of this car but christ ole mighty thats real bad !

    Hey Vince ya got the pics, did you see there scores for the crash test ? did the driver survive ?

  12. is that an airbag in the 2nd from top photo, protecting the dummy’s head, or is that the dash/windshield area crashing into it’s face!?

    That’s just not good at all!
    Yes, it looks good, but that’s all it has!

    Looks like what one would imagine a 100 MPH wreck would look like, in any other car!

    I had hopes they would do good enough to get 3 stars, at least… not a Negative Three Stars!

  13. Yet somehow the front wheel emerged unscathed. Evidently the chinese must be doing something right.

  14. would you actually expect brilliant results??? these piece of garbage chnese “copies” are cosmetically correct and that’s where it ends. Thay have NO structural integrity and ALL materials used are sub-standard. this is why they are promising to be so cheap….how’s this for a slogan for any chinese car….”Save thousands over a Nissan and die! They won’t make it!

  15. The front wheel came away unscathed because it’s the strongest part of THIS car! I guess we all can figure out what the BS in BS 4 or 6 really stands for.


  16. I keep looking at these pics and I still am in complete shock, when is the last time ya ever saw a car get a 1 star ? if ever ? and seems like the front door side impact beams are the only thing that kept the engine and driver from the back seat, ( the floor and a pillars certainly didn’t ). I get the feeling that if the doors popped open the crash would have been much worse, if ya can imagine that !

  17. Looks like a train hit it!
    Chrysler has Chery (?) going to build 2 vehicles for them.. the Hornet and a subcompact car…
    hope they do better in the crash tests than this did!

  18. Whoa! It looks like they took the structure from the 60-80’s car and put the modern skin over it.


  19. The crash test car isn’t the BS6, its the older, bigger model. Nice styling bought in from an Italian style house ruined by failure to buy in the engineering know how as well.

  20. “SEXY said…I keep looking at these pics and I still am in complete shock, when is the last time ya ever saw a car get a 1 star ? if ever ?”Look no further than the 2005 Chevrolet Cavalier. It received a one-star side impact rating from NHTSA. Chinese don’t have the market cornered on death traps. They just build death traps for less money with slave labor. And we are stupid enough to buy more and more of it.

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