Even more pictures of the BMW 1 Coupe

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  1. It reminds me of the last gen 3 series shrunken slightly and with and updated look. Probably could buy a used 330ci for alot less w/ sport pkg instead of the 128i.

  2. Am I crazy for thinking that the rear end design ruins the whole thing? It looks really stubby and not at all befitting of a small BMW. BMW would have saved itself a lot of grief if it had just brought the hatchback over. The MINI has a devoted genre of buyers and only has three doors (opposed to the 5-door 1-series) anyway.

    What BMW should have done is built a small four-door sedan starting at $22,000. But I realize that that would never happen.

  3. I’ve been completely one of the people completely slamming the 1 series. Especially the 5-door version which I feel looks cheap compered to the alternatives. But I really like the design of the coupe. This could bring back the real enthusiast in the kind of way the 2002 did.

  4. these pictures almost look fake. at least a hatch would have more room. i have never understood why hatches arent popular in the states they make much more sense than a coupe or sedan

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