Evo X testing

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Well.. That’s about it.
It looks pretty much like what they’ve already showed us.
A WRX killer….

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  1. The real pic came today in motor trend magazine july 2007, the way ya can tell is the normal rear view mirrors and the signal repeater on the fender..

  2. It should be a WRX killer seeing as how the WRX doesn’t compete with it. The STI does… which we haven’t seen yet.

  3. Ya but the evo has killed the sti on tarmac for ever and will contunue to do so, better suspension, less money its simple math… and if u live in canada bend over and take it dry becasue theres a 10,000$ markup on these cars when they enter the country that is “unexplainable” by subaru and mitsu… base price us 30,000 base price canadaian 50,500.00 :

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