Fiat 500 Abarth testing

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I hear we would bet this version over here.
It might even be the only one we’ll get. A sportier and more powerful version of the all new Fiat 500.

Even with all the crappy tape on it, it still looks and sounds good…

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  1. Vince,

    Do you really think that kind of car (138 inch-long, 1.4 turbo 150hp) would sell in a sufficient number here to justify Fiat investing in the required and costly modifications?
    My guess is that, once again, a brilliant Euro-mobile will remain out of reach (I think of all those Euro pocket rockets as the Clio RS, Corsa OPC, etc. that are at least as fun as a Mini Cooper S)

  2. Hi “7:04 AM”

    What will you say about the next Ford Ka (same platform as the 500) when it’ll get the ST treatment?
    Still a dung?
    Or will your comment be more Polish…ed?


  3. Far better then a MINI dear friends.I remember that in the 60’s MINI becamed a blockbuster mostly because of an Italian movie “Italian Job” but the star should be the 500. I guess now the Italians «don’t need a movie to show the real thing» , the post war VW slogan’s is upgraded for a new italian filosophy “A car made by the people for the people”. Thank’s Frank St. for being a MINI/500 lover

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