Honda Accord diesel in the US

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The Accord hybrid will not return with the new 2008 model.

Instead, Honda is planning to offer a diesel version of the sedan for the 1 st time.
This will put Honda ahead of pretty much everyone else in the US market.

They have offered a Diesel in Europe for a few years now. A 2.2 Liter with 138hp.
But the US might be getting a brand new, more powerful engine.
And it might even get better real life mileage than the Hybrid model.

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  1. Smart move by Honda IMO.
    About half of the cars in Europe have diesel engines, so we’re just following them in the quest for better fuel mileage.

    It’s a sure thing the diesel Hondas will be winners. The only problem will be the availability of diesel fuel in the U.S., but just at the outset.

    Hybrids are too complex. And just wait until they’ve been around for 10 to 15 years–all those dying batteries and electrical problems will come back to haunt hybrid owners. Would you buy a used one?

  2. If and when this happens–hopefully sooner rather than much later–it’ll once again be a Honda model where the waiting lists to get one are miles long.

    The market for VW diesels has always been big, and especially so with recent gas prices, the desirability of a 50 mpg Jetta that’s also an absolute torque monster and largely quiet has grown tenfold–it’s just too bad they had to bow out for a year, until their new emissions compliant model is ready. Same goes now for MB, and their terrific Bluetec diesel, providing a selection of luxury models with better performance and mileage than anyone else can match.

    So throw that kind of powerplant in a run of the mill Accord that’s always the class standard and sells in big volumes? Yeah, I think it’ll sell…BIG time. You can sign us up for two…

  3. Besides lack of availability in most places, diesel is often more expensive (certainly here). 2nd negative is that diesel is less clean than hybrid if you take into account all emission types.

    So I’m rather disappointed they couldn’t create competition to the Camry Hybrid. We definitely need more choice…

  4. While it’s a great idea and a step in the right direction, the thought of people lining up in droves for diesel engines just because it happens to be in a Honda Accord is extremely wishful thinking. Diesel engines still carry a stigma here in the States, and most people will seek their fuel efficiency in gas-burning 4 cyl engines. Plus it’s doubtful the hybrid-loving environmentalist left will embrace the diesel engine with the same ardor.

  5. well, I don’t care. Why? for us “working poor”(10-13 per hour is working poor/lower-middle-class these days, in many areas of the country), we might have to wait 3-5 years for a used one, so we could easily afford it(on top of house payments, medical, kids bills for school, clothing, living in general).

    Now, if someone would come up with a subcompact or compact, costing 16-18K, small 4 diesel…(VW claims under 20K for their upcoming in jan 08 Jetta Sportswagen, but what will it have? Steering wheel, seats, body,
    engine… rest optional= 30K when you load it up with AC, defroster, etc,lol… the Rabbit is over 20K with sunroof, automatic, etc… the less costly models are really bare bones models..too bare bones).

    You know the Accord will not be 20K or less, for diesel.

    Maybe Hyundai or Kia will fill this bill within 1-2 years? Or Suzuki, perhaps?

  6. This GREAT NEWS. I current drive 04 vw golf diesel, 47-50mpg. All day @ 70mph with a/c on. Only question now soon? Honda’s new diesel tech sounds like a better ideal than BlueTech from the German’s auto industry. Try using Google too get info on Honda & Toyota diesel info, see these websites: Fred’s TDI & vwvortex for vw info. With diesel you spend less on fuel & can drive longer between fuel stops!

  7. do all you fools relise that all this technology is already archaic. in india, of all places, they are putting 6,000 new taxis on the road, with a top speed of 65 mph and a range of 125 miles per tank ful. filling the tank costs $2. what does it run on you ask? AIR that’s what. this technology is out there. google air engine india and learn!

  8. Um, diesel have been around forever in this country, hello, anyone home? Honda isn’t even close to being the first.

    The reason they are not popular is because American don’t buy them in any great number. Not so for Europeans. Try to dislodge your head from honda’s a** and you might learn something.

  9. “Besides lack of availability in most places, diesel is often more expensive (certainly here). 2nd negative is that diesel is less clean than hybrid if you take into account all emission types.”

    Ever see many diesel cars parked on the shoulder out of fuel? With a 600-700 mile range per tank there should be plenty of opportunities to fill up. Diesel fuel in Portland, Oregon 6/20/07; 2.86 gal, regular unleaded; 3.08.

    Diesel cars are getting cleaner all the time. I think the increased fuel economy and reduced reliance on imported oil is worth the trade off.

  10. The problem with diesel engines that you need to use them a lot more regularly than petrol engines ..a guy out here jacked up
    his diesel for long periods and it was never the same again.
    otherwise you’ll be surprised at the accelaration figures of some of the latest crdi engines ..the Hyundai accent crdi diesel goes from 0 to 100 in ten
    seconds and gives 17 – 18 kilometres per litre…


  11. It’s amazing how much ignorance there is about diesel. Diesel fuel is not scarce – nearly every station has at least one diesel pump. If you use even B20 (20% biodesel) your exhaust is cleaner that gas hybrids except for SOx and particulates (which are being dealt with in the new diesels). If you use B100 it is MUCH cleaner and you contribute no greenhouse gases to the environment as well as using no foreign oil. That’s good for national security and the environment. Yes, diesel fuel is a bit more expensive than gas, but there is also about 14% more energy in a gallon of diesel than a gallon of gas.

    The biggest problem with diesel is the smell and oilyness of the fuel, however that is not a problem with biodiesel which does not smell bad, either as a fuel or exhaust, and doesn’t make you smell bad for the day if you spill a bit.

    And environmentalist won’t go for it!? The ENV community where I live has been buying used VW and MB diesels for years to run B100, but they are running out of good used ones. There is tremendous pent-up demand for these cars. They are salivating at the thougt of it. I’m getting one as soon as they are available.

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