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Production has started on the new Sebring convertible.
I don’t like the sedan, but I think the convertible looks much better.
And the interior, as long as it’s not the cheapo rental car grey cloth, is actually pretty decent and original.
Reviews haven’t been too bad either…

We’ll see….

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  1. Yeah I live in Fla, and I have been seeing these everyday all day for a while now. Looks like the car rental places got them first before we could. It seem to be much nicer in person, though it is pretty big.

  2. These monstrosities are already available. They are absolutely hideous. I hope they clean house in the design dept at Chrysler.

  3. saw one of these on Santa Monica Boulevard in LA yesterday… vanilla white with a cloth black top. I have to say, some of the pics I’ve seen made this almost decent looking, but seeing it in person.. It’s just ungainly and ugly. Looks even MORE like a rental car than the last one. Just sad that Chrysler has gone this direction.

  4. best convertible on the market period

    you idiots only like foreign crap so of cpurse you wouldn’t like this

  5. never seen a factory worker wearing a long skirt before, pic taken on ‘casual Friday’ perhaps?

  6. “never seen a factory worker wearing a long skirt before, pic taken on ‘casual Friday’ perhaps?”

    Probably not. To the UAW, everyday is casual. Casual clothing, casual attention to detail and a casual work ethic Monday thru Friday. The only thing they aren’t casual about is their benefit package. When I see UAW workers, I see dinosaurs awaiting extinction as their jobs move to Mexico.

    The car looks pretty nondescript in the “metal.” Not bad, not great. Just basic transportation, which is fine for what it is.

  7. This car’s still FWD, still has vague, below average handling. Only suitable for really old retirees and rental fleets. And the price isn’t that low either, especially on a loaded hardtop/convertible. Nice work Chrysler. Maybe I’ll see ya in another 20-30 years when I can barely see over the hood.

    Does Chrysler have the stones to produce the Demon sports car? A car that might actually handle like a car should???? Or will they end up trying to make *that* in FWD too???

  8. Just saw a Black on Black soft top in my town today. Did not like it. No class. All Chrysler products look the same. The new VW looks much better, for about the same price. Time for some heads to roll over at Chrysler when the sale is finalized. The problem with that is it will take 4 or 5 years to get the new product out to the public.

  9. You’d think wearing a long skirt could be a personal safety risk (getting caught in moving equipment) and not a good reason to bash an anonymous worker.

    This Chrysler’s styling might not appeal to everyone, but it seems to offer a lot of bang for the buck (which seems to be its purpose). It surely must have tested well in design clinics. Who knows.

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