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For 2007.

A few surprises.
But still. Despite some “people” are saying here, Toyota is still doing very well. And VW is still near the bottom.
Good to see Jaguar doing so well.

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  1. I hate to see Chrysler so far down the list. They used to be very innovative and reliable for several decades. My aunt had a 62, 64, 68 Imperials and a 1970 Newport. They were bulletproof. Three are still running.

    Take a look at this video link below showing how the entire 1958 Chrysler line was more modern looking than its dowdy competition, and its suspensions were far ahead of them, too. Be sure to see the Cadillac almost come apart towards the end.

  2. If this is the Initial 90 days of ownership, then this means nothing. This doesn’t really say much to me.

  3. Kudos to Lincoln, Honda, MB & Jaguar for improved scores

    But look at how far Acura, Buick, and Nissan scores this year

    This kind of chart is nice only if you’re a marketing/sales person.

    IMO, what matters most is the spesific model score, rather than the overall brand score – at least, if I’m shopping for a car.
    ie: MB ML-series are notorious for being unreliable, I would think many times before even considering it – eventhough the brand is #5 on this chart

    Sadly, most “people” (that I know anyway) would just flash this chart around to show how “smart” they are in picking their cars compared to their co-workers, friends, etc

    Just my 0.02

  4. Considering the fact that Lincoln and Jaguar are now starving to death, Ford still hasn’t surpass Toyota yet, especially when Mazda and Land Rover are dragging down by Ford sourced vehicles and parts. Overall, Honda and Lexus still hold the crown; Mercedes is learning fast; Infiniti is the new star!

  5. First 90 days is an indication of how well manufactured a car is, but how the car performs and holds up over the years is more significant.

    J.D. Power isn’t as useful as “Consumer Reports” which follows cars for a number of years.

    Still nice to see the Accord rate so well which is no surprise at all!

  6. Great job by ford, especially since its their new models that are doing so well. Looks like nissan/infinity are bitting the dust under their highly regarded leader (so overrated). It does seem, you get what you pay for in most cases, with a few exception here and there.

  7. “J.D. Power isn’t as useful as “Consumer Reports” which follows cars for a number of years.”

    JD Power does have a long-term reliability survey that ranks three-year old cars. The list is essentially the same, with differences here and there. So much press surrounds the initial quality survey because it looks at vehicles sold today, versus three-year-old models that are either out of production or soon will be. The initial quality survey is a rough gauge of how well a car is going to hold up, but it’s not totally accurate. Three year old Hyundais and Kias still mostly look and sound like garbage, so this survey has plenty of holes in it.

  8. It seems to be all based on perceived faults. So owners of BMW’s may complain about faults that Chevrolet owners dont perceive to be a fault.
    So where the BMW is worse than a Mercedes ( similar owner expectation) it may not really be worse than a Kia. Then again who knows?

  9. “It seems to be all based on perceived faults. So owners of BMW’s may complain about faults that Chevrolet owners dont perceive to be a fault.”

    Actually, BMWs have a lot of annoying little problems. Particurlarly as they age. But whatever, I still would take a 335 any day.

  10. Half of Acura’s line up is on the “most reliable” car list on consumer report, yet on this “initial quality” JD power rate them as below industrial average.

    Half of mercedes line up including all the high-end products such as S class, ClS, and SL are on the “Least reliable” list, yet mercedes is on 5th place.

    how the car behave in the first few months of ownership is NOT an accurate indicator of how the car’s quality is in a long run, unless u lease ur car or get a new car every year.

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