Mini Clubman

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Coming soon.

This is the 1st official sketch.

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  1. How big is(n’t) this thing?
    I like Mini’s, but .. when I see Expediton’s still on the hwy’s…. No.
    Wonder when they will make a VW Rabbit-sized “Mini”?
    Maybe call it “Maximum-Mini”…(that would add what, 20 inches to the original, to be VW Rabbit-sized?). It would(to 95% of Americans) still be a “Small” car.
    BTW: how are they doing on that reliability these days?
    Anyhow, add that, and the fact the closest dealerships are 100-110 miles from us…
    eh….. maybe for a rental on vacation?

    PS: Vince: Glad to see you made the deadline(to post on the 6th!)… thought you had went on vacation!

  2. who want’s this? people like me who would love a mini but have small kids who can’t climb into the spider hole that is the back seat of a regular mini.

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