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And they didn’t change the interior.
Which they did last year anyway.
I just wonder why they couldn’t do the whole thing in one year…

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  1. GM’s just rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. They should bury this long-dead brand and concentrate on their winners.
    There’s nothing in the “new” design to elicit more than a lethargic yawn.

  2. The wagon’s roof is too thick. Looks like a hearse.

    But I think the interior is very nice and tailored looking.

  3. among the ugliest hood cutlines ever put into production. It droops. It hooks. It is a gimmick. Trash.

  4. They did change the interior. The high mounted screen in the instrument pad has been removed and a larger screen in the centre stack added…

  5. I would never buy a Saab, ever. Their reliability is a nightmare, I have two friends with Saabs and they spend a lot of time in the shop and it isn’t cheap. Have you ever seen the sticker price on a new Saab? Not worth the price. Have you ever seen what they are worth on the used car market? Nothing. They are quirky, weird vehicles that bring nothing new to the table.

    So they have no resale vaule, they aren’t reliable, and they don’t offer anything innovative or appealing. Only die hard Saab fans are buying these in the US now. Why anyone would waste their money on a NEW Saab is beyond me.

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