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That’s right. Even more photos of the 2008 Saabs.
When will this end???

When something else comes up…

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  1. Its still fugly no matter how many times ya show us vince ! that front end is way too big and it looks like some kid designed it with crayons !

  2. Well… I’ll tell you the truth…

    My travels (“extra” work) have brought me to the Disney studio lot. For a little while. And I noticed quite a lot of Saabs in the parking lots.
    Much more than usual. These cars are usually pretty rare around here….

    After talking to the car wash guy at the studio, I found out that a lot of the execs are getting Saabs as company cars. (As well as Priuses, Randez-Vous and even Maseratis. An eclectic bunch to say the least…)
    And after seeing so many of them around, they.. Well.. They kind of grew on me. Especially the convertible. (Lots of these over there)

    I know the horror stories. A friend of mine had one a few years ago and it was a nightmare.
    But still. I think they look pretty nice. And the new front makes them look a bit more original.

    I think the next all new 9.5 might look real good.

  3. Don’t those headlights remind you of someone whose face was pulled too tight during their most recent facelift (think Joan Rivers, Burt Reynolds)?

  4. I love them. I think they’re great. Sure it isn’t an entirely new model, but a great refresh nonetheless, just wait until they have the whole Aero-X treatment!

    Can’t wait to buy one myself! Vince don’t back down, you have a great site and great taste!

  5. i definately thought the convertible looked excellent, but now with this new front end i’m kind of losing that feeling. i cant wait to see what happens to saab in the next few years because it seems like gm is starting to make some good decisions. i think saab needs to bring back a manual top for their convertibles, i hear that is the main issue concerning reliability

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