More photos of the 2008 Accord sedan

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  • You’ll also see a bit of the interior.
    Again, it doesn’t look much better than something that came out 10 or 15 years ago.
    But it won’t really offend anybody, and that’s exactly what they want.

    Let’s hope the new Mazda6 looks much better than this.
    Mazda and Nissan are in an different position where they are still trying to get noticed. That usually gets us much better designs…

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    1. “But it won’t really offend anybody, and that’s exactly what they want.”

      This might seem like a good idea, but consider the vastly improved quality and engineering of a lot of cars in the Accords class, as well as the high level of refinement and available features. With all things being (somewhat) equal, styling suddenly plays a large part in the buying decision, and the new Accord doesn’t have style. The Honda mystique will only go so far, especially with the competition gaining ground so quickly. Accord sales aren’t going to bottom out tomorrow, and it will continue to sell, but when you’re at the top, there’s only one way you can go.

    2. Agreed Vince. Honda just needs to make non-offensive cars and people will buy them in droves. Mazda and Nissan have to catch people’s eyes.

    3. The real question is: Does the new Accord look as good or better than the current Camry?

      I think it looks better–not by much, though.

      My guess is that the Accord will be perceived as a “safe” style, but its driving dynamics will prove to be superior to competitors.

      In any case, be prepared to see droves of new Accords on the streets a year from now.

    4. I know they are not listening and I have said it so many times before, but please bring an Accord Wagon back to the US.

    5. Its funny how every 5 years when the Accord is redesigned, it eventually grows on me. They are never the most stylish vehicles, but when you take into consideration their superior CRAFTSMANSHIP (even compared to Toyota nowadays), the DRIVING DYNAMICS, and excellent engineering, the Accord is an unbeatable vehicle.

      I also think that when the rest of the covers are taken off the car, we will see that it looks as good as anything else out right now.

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