More pictures of the revised Kia Sportage

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I don’t see many of these around here.
So this isn’t earth shattering news.
But what is…

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  1. I live in Oregon, and these are extremely popular around the northwest, as are Hyundai Tucsons. I think Korean brands sell really good in the Northwest, and I also have read online that they are really popular in the Northeast as well.

    Like here, you see as many Camry and Accord as Sonatas. I’ve read the same thing in Massachusetts and Maryland, et cetera.

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    No. The Vue would cost more, and does not have a 10/100K, 5/60K bumper/bumper warranty!

  3. Other than the droopy front corner turn indicators and the painted upper half of the bumpers, I don’t see any difference. Yawn.

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