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First pictures ever of the all new Mini Clubman,without any tape!

And it looks great!
Modern, retro, roomy, personality and good mileage.

I want one…

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  1. Why? Mini isn’t cheap and this one will be expensive. With added weight, it will have tough time to school with 3-series and numerous Japanese/European Hothatches.

  2. Honestly, I’m surprised that you guys like this. I think it looks like crap and kind of makes me want to vomit.

    …but I guess,

    to one, his own

  3. Looks like the Ford Flex, which itself looks like a large mini. But unlike the Flex we don’t have to wait over a year for the thing to come out, and probably has some decent dash plastics as well. Plus throw in the fact that BMW is in no danger of going bankrupt and there you go!

  4. Maybe Ford should rename their Flex to ClubMonster….

    Ill take one too! Should handle great as well.

  5. you lose it all. this 1960s idea is dumb. it didn’t sell then, it won’t sell now. once all the auto execs track everything I predict and see that I am 100% right , 100% of the time, they will be clamouring to hire me. track what I say!

  6. Simply put, it is a gorgeous design. I think they could make a 5 door and it would still look great.

  7. “Simply put, it is a gorgeous design. I think they could make a 5 door and it would still look great.”

    Well, technically, the clubman is already a 5 door (two barn doors in back, and 3 side doors). 3 + 2 = 5.

    Now a six door mini, with two little side doors, would have made more sense.

  8. I’m not fond of the silver around the taillights and on top of the bumper, but this thing is still a cutie. Maybe the solution is to order a silver car.

    As for the french doors on the back, isn’t that a bit fussy? Why is this better than a traditional hatch? Even Honda figured out (finally) with the CR-V that the two piece doors are awkward. Perhaps this is a gimmick to make the Mini quirkier.

  9. If this was a domestic product it would be universally hated. Ugly is ugly no matter where it comes from

  10. i don’t know why all the car reviewers think the mini is cheaper and gets high mileage. I owned one and never got it above 27mpg and it drank premium. That’s terrible for such a small and impractical car imo! i sold it for a scion xa and got around 32mpg with regular gas! now that’s cheap and practical.

  11. This certainly looks like a box of shoes to me.
    Don’t like it any bit. I love the looks of the normal mini, though.

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