New Citroen C5

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Looks like the next C5 will be a much better looking car than the current model. And these aren’t really good pictures.
The one produced now never looked great.

I am not sure how the French magazine L’Auto Journal got these, but I would guess someone at Citroen might be looking for a job soon…

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  1. The side profile looks like the Japanese Nissan Teana/Maxima. Its nice but nothing special.. except for the lights upfront and back and the rear window that looks again like the America Nissan Maxima .. For a french car its good cause its less quirky and more elegant.. so good on em for that … Cheers

  2. A bit generic, but it looks pretty good to me even with the strange way they handled the nav screen and vent surround. French cars always have to have at least one thing odd about them.

    I wish L’Auto Journal hadn’t peed all over the picture like that. Brenda Priddy’s not that bad about marking her turf.

  3. l’auto journal must have some close connection or source with citroen because they also managed full-sized shots of the new C4 picasso 5-passenger mpv three months before it came out. and this looks nothing like a lancer, but i do see some nissan fuga in the side profile and rear lights. but the concave rear window is a major citroen feature im glad to see

  4. Cool. Turns out it doesn’t look just like the Lancer despite the concept art from a few days ago.

    Sadly, it doesn’t look nearly as exciting at the concept art from a few days ago either.

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