New Laguna Coupe?

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Maybe sooner than later.
It’s been a rumor for quite a while.
Even though the coupe market in Europe isn’t that big.

But I guess, Renault wants something to compete with Peugeot. And the upcoming Opel.

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  1. That looks amazing. This concept has been around for soo many years and was always a little quirky. This version of it looks production ready and it still is a beauty.

  2. Now THIS is what the dumpy Altima coupe should’ve been! This thing is drop-dead sexy. Love the wheels. The front end treatment is quirky enough to be different, but the design is not too heavy-handed. Kudos to the French!

  3. From this angle the Laguna coupe looks downright attractive. Like the earlier poster wrote, much better than the dumpy Altima or upcoming Accord coupes. But it is French, so I’ll have to wait for other pictures.

  4. Who killed the EV1 Electric Car? Nobody! They converted it to a combustion engine and made the Laguna!

  5. I like this very much, especially the rear quarter. Why can’t Lincoln/Mercury build something like this as a base to a recovery. I just hate seeing a brand like L/M slowly die.

  6. Actually the coupe market is fairly big in Europe, at least relative to the US.

    Point in case is that all German brands have a coupe in their lineup…

  7. I see a lot of enthusiasm about the styling, but I doubt that the production car will look as good as this. This picture looks to me like a photoshopped reworking of the Renault Fluence concept car onto which the front end of the new Laguna has just been grafted on.

  8. That’s a photoshopped image, for sure. From what I know (insiders, insiders…), the real thing will indeed have the quirky butt of the Fluence concept (a good thing…)and a front slighty different from the sedan (a better thing even, in my opinion)
    But we can wait: that real thing will just come along by 2008 and never land on our shores…

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