New Renault Laguna

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It might not be the second coming of the mid sized family car, but it is much nicer than the early pictures we saw a few days ago.
And really, much better looking than about anything we get over here as family cars.
Compare this to the upcoming Honda Accord.

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  1. This is a very nice looking sedan, and the wagon is fantastic! Loving the compound curve that starts below the headlamps and arcs down, then gently rises through the doors and arcs down again past the rear wheels. Unique, and a major departure for Renault. Much better proportioned than the Peugeot 408 and other FWD Euro competition too.

  2. The 407 looks better than this overly conservative design. Most dissapointing is the front-I’ve already forgotten it just typing this out.

  3. The dash apes the ones in BMW’s, except is more tastefully done.

    Looks like a very nice and competent vehicle.

  4. More like the new S Class but with a floor shifter. That and the screen doesn’t look like a tumor coming off the top of the dash.

  5. This is nice, but I don’t think its outstanding. The front end is very bland and the side profile could be anything from Korea or Japan. The rear design is very sharp. Much much nicer than the bland Hondas or amateurishly styled Toyota rear end designs.

  6. This is one hell of an ugly car in my opinion, like a deformed previous generation Laguna. The interior looks nice though. The previous generation was a nightmare, I hope this one is going to be reliable…

  7. The side view of wagon is nice but not the front. Overall looks like minor modification to the current model. I believe french designers should do it better, it is just not attractive enough.

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