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I guess that’s something they’ll be proud about.
They can’t really sell that many just on looks. Or the great image of the Taurus name….

By the way, I already saw a truck full of them on the freeway yesterday.

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  1. A true shame they spent all that money on what is a prefectly find car, but, absolutely nothing special. The competition is too tough to put this kind of car on the market in 2007.

  2. Has anybody else noticed the side profile of this car strongly resembles a 1999 VW Passat? Do a google search for a 99 VW Passat. It’s uncanny.

  3. Vince,

    Back in the day, you posted a photochop of what the redesigned 500 (Taurus) would look like after receiving the 3-bar treatment. It looked soooo much better than the real thing! The grill and headlight design was much more crisp and modern. This looks very dated.

  4. Hooray! The blandest Ford car is the safest car in the America! And yet…the stylish Fusion isn’t even at the top of its class in safety…

    darn shame! :-p

  5. When is the year of the car gonna be? I’m still waiting. I’ve seen decades of the suv/crossover. Maybe if Ford stopped making cars altogether and just stuck with making trucks and crossovers, maybe that would save them. Why waste money building things you’re not serious about.


  6. I used to like Ford. I used to drive one also. What happened to Ford?

    The 500/Taurus or whatever. Blah, blah, blah.


  7. Anonymous said…
    Where is the US advert of the Mondeo?

    11:24 AM

    I Agree 100%!
    This is foolishness. Bring the Mondeos over( sedan/hatch, maybe even wagon).
    By the time Ford decides to bring us the Mondeo, the design will be “old”.
    Maybe if this car were the Old Taurus prices of even 3-4 years ago( which is now what, Fusion prices?).. it might sell well.
    For say, what, 25-26K? I’d get an Azera over this.

  8. Sorry, according to Car and Driver, the Mondeo in the USA ain’t gonna happen. Car and Driver said that US regulations were never considered in the design and that they would be expensive to meet. I hope they’re wrong but I have a feeling they’re not.


  9. Smart not to kill the Taurus name, but slapping it onto the Ford 500 doesn’t turn a big empty shell of a car into anything glamorous.

    It’s safe–and so is just about any other sedan that size. So, safety is no big deal when promoting a hulk like the “new’ Taurus.

    Ford cars (at least in the U.S.) lack freshness and simply aren’t competitive.

  10. tooting their own horn…is it all cars in america is safe according to the government test?? it seems they all get 5 stars..BUT most if not all flunk the institute for highway safety test. I trust the ad more if they get a better score from the institute.

  11. To 3:17,

    Yeah you’re right on that one. I think some manufacturers purposely make their cars a bit on the boring side so as not to offend anyone and to appeal to a broader audience. Still, I would’nt mind a bit more excitement in the design of some of these vehicles. But today everybody is into suv’s so I guess also the manufacturers figure why waste putting money into something that not many people are going to buy(sedans).


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