Next Citroen C5

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More bad pictures.

We’ll have more official stuff pretty soon.

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  1. I totally agree with the Passat/LexusGS/Sebring comments. Immediately I saw all those car’s elements at first glance. But somehow it works.

  2. 1oo % nicer than any camry or accord, not quite as nice as Altima, the king of style and Quality. Rumour has it, this is a better car than camry in every way!

  3. the small wheels and high ride height make it look like an off-roader. eww

    i guess it’s just the air suspension at work, though

  4. I don’t really see the modeo.
    But it does look like a bunch of other things.
    At least on the bad low rez pictures.

  5. What we can’t see in these pics is the odd concave rear window.. that may be the only thing that sets this apart, since the rest looks really derivative (odd for a Citroen).

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