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According to the latest rumors, the next G6 will be pretty much a version of the Holdan Torana concept from 2004.

The Pontiac might even be the 1st model to come out using the new RWD platform.
This would separate it more from the FWD Malibu.
A good idea.
A Cadillac version is also in the works to replace the Europe onlu BLS. And it will be sold in the US under the CTS.

We’ll see….

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  1. hmmmm, its ok, but uh, looks like some gene splicing between the current accord and mazda 3, eeeh, yeah…

  2. So, Saturn becomes the NA Opel and Pontiac becomes the NA Holden. It makes you wonder when Ford will get a clue and bring its European models over to rebuild Mercury into something attractive.

  3. Well you can’t go wrong with the torana and its clones. Lets just hope they don’t take years to complete the design and engineering work on the platform as the G6 and the BLS probably can’t wait that long.

  4. I’m pretty sure that these rumors are just rumors. The torana, or at last the form it is in here was merely a showcase car for the upcoming VE commodore at the time. This showacase car came a year and a bit before the VE and its interior and many of its design features are near identical to the now realeased VE. Whilst A smaller rear wheel drive car is proably going to be made, I doubt it that it will look like this.

  5. it must just be the illustration but the real concept car looked nothing like either of those cars not even remotely

  6. Has the G8 little brother look, keeping the new Pontiac family appearance. I like this, would definitely be a step towards their goal of an all RWD division. It makes the current G6 look like, well a Grand Am.

  7. front end/grille/lights=Scion tC.
    look, I do not like RWD(unless I had to race, or something), so, I don’t care anymore about Pontiac.
    If it were FWD.. maybe. I would prefer it over the G6.

  8. bout damn time.

    every car maker, let it be japanese or european, keep better models with WAY more selections for their own country, and pass off the remaining as badge-engineered crap to american with a price-hike, american automaker o nthe other hand, keep all the crap they design and sell it to american people while make better cars for ppl in the other countries

  9. It looks a helluva lot better than the current G6, and if it’s RWD I’d consider buying one.
    There are so many carmakers now with so many models, of course you’re going to see hints of matching styles in different cars, but I think the styling of this one is very well done. It’s about time GM and Pontiac wake up and start offering decent cars. FWD sucks.

  10. “GM sucks said…
    get more original, you call the chinese copy cats? this is 99% a mazda 3. For shame you damn GM”

    Lay off the saki. The Torana looks as much like the Mazda 3 as you do.

  11. Currently there are no plans to build or sell this car in Australia , so the NA Holden comment is a bit out of place.
    As far as designing the car in Australia, the Engineer’s here ( down under) are cheaper. However there are hundreds of GM people from the US here trying to increase the red-tape.

  12. I think the car looks awesome. From what I understand from what I read about this car a year ago on an Aussie site, the top model might have a twin turbo 3.6L V6! I myself would settle for a direct injected 3.6 v6 ( naturally aspirated). I prefer this car over the G8 since it should be more fuel efficient. I also read back then that a 5 door hatch version is a possibility. I can’t wait for this car to come out! As far as it looking like a Mazda 3 goes, with all due respect…what car does’nt look like 3 or 4 others these days. As far as I’m concerned, if it looks good, it does what I want it to do and it’s built well, I’ll buy it.


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