Next VW Golf/Rabbit

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Another guess from Auto Express.
And another Golf that looks like the previous one…

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  1. From what I’ve read, the current Golf was not very well received in Europe, and certainly not in the states. This sketch looks good, if a bit more conservative, which is the name of the game when it comes to keeping market share.

  2. I think autoexpress is underestimating VW…..I’m sure that evolutionary styling will go a bit farther and will be a far more drastic change in design compared to the current design of the Golf then this illustration predicts it will be.

  3. “And another Golf that looks like the previous one…”

    Is there any reason VW needs to drastically redesign what is already a very clean design and nice-looking car?

  4. This looks good. But VW shouldn’t expect to ever sell tons of hatchbacks here. They’ll always do well with the GTI and sports hatches that compete with the likes of the Mazdaspeed 3. But VWs real gravy will likely always be the Jetta.

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